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Stop trying

Try, a word that is very deceptive, often taking away motivation, but partially effective in some marketing strategies. Stop trying.

Someone makes a request. “Try to do it today”. Sure, you’ll skip the issue, and probably won’t even deal with it. How does it happen? Well, “try” carries no obligation. You can, but usually you don’t want to or you are indifferent. People who use the phrase “I’ll try” lack internal conviction. They give themselves hope and that’s enough, but it does not come with any power of action.

Uncertain words

Employer: Are you able to complete the trial assignment by Monday?

Employee: Hmm, I’ll try.

In such a person, you can immediately see the uncertainty. Consider whether you express yourself in a similar way during similar, more serious meetings. By trying, you give your mind an escape route that does not lead to learning and releases from responsibility. Oh well, I just tried. Nothing happened. Writing SEO content is the same. The thematic article will not appear on its own. You have to sit down and create something meaningful, not just try.

Employee response: Yes. I will complete the trial assignment by Monday 100%.

What are your feelings? Who will you trust more? There is no room for hesitation in a good impression.

How to use it in practice?

The phrase “try” discourages potential action if, for example, you are encouraging a customer to stay with the offer.

Please try to find better conditions with another contractor. If that happens, I will offer a 20% discount.

Absolute confidence. Recently, I noticed the use of this scheme when describing a company’s offer. Additionally, the manufacturer assured that after a successful trial, they would refund the price difference. Absolutely amazing. Such businesses gain a tremendous advantage. I wanted to order the product even though it did not meet my current needs.

Convince with class and without hesitation

I have been to many embarrassing training sessions where the instructor constantly encouraged the group with words like “try to complete the task”. No one even started, let alone finished it. If you want to convince someone to do something, and use the word “try”, you will waste your time and your reader’s time. As I recommend, don’t say “try”, just do it.

A word from Master Yoda

Everyone knows Master Yoda. In The Empire Strikes Back, he tells Luke Skywalker, “Do or do not, there is no try.”

And how can you not believe the Master?

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